Steps to Success

Step 1 : Have a Clear Goal

Put together a small team and agree the key goal. Ensure that everyone knows what the project is aiming to achieve and check every decision against that objective.

Step 2 : Get the Basics Right 

People are more productive with good equipment and space to work.  A positive environment will allow your team to share ideas, communicate progress and inspire people to embrace change.

Step 3 : Something for Everyone

It's likely that you are going to impact almost everyone on your team, your customers, your managers, your elected members.  You can get their support and enthusiasm by knowing "what's in it for them" and focussing on the positive changes you are promoting.  If your new plan doesn't improve things for everyone, get a new plan.

Step 4 : Appropriate Technology

You may need new technology to implement your plan but avoid letting technology BE the plan.  Focus on the user's environment and how they need to work and ensure that the technology is easy to use and reliable in the real world.

Step 5 : Start Small, Think Big

There may be a huge amount to do but if you deliver something tangible in a short space of time then enthusiasm will build.  Make sure your methodology can deliver quickly but can embed continuous improvement into your culture.  Make sure your partners, suppliers, technologies and systems are available now and scaleable tomorrow

Step 6 : Remember Step 1

There will be many distractions and obstacles during implementation of a business change, so keep coming back to the goal.  Is it still achievable?  Is it still the right goal?  Do you need to compromise?  It is often better to achieve 80% of your goal today rather than delay 6 months trying to achieve 100%.  Once you have delivered 80% of your goal, look again and decide if you should have a new priority.

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