Scheduled & Reactive Work

Scheduled Work

Collective can hold any number of alternative schedules to cope with seasonal and one-off variations.

All work is scheduled according to standard times, for example mowing rates or sweeper speeds, and generates an annual calendar.  It is easy to see the scheduled workload for each crew or workgroup for any day.

Collective also collates all the required competencies and resources for the day’s work, and automatically warns if the scheduled crew do not have the necessary skills or equipment to complete the work.  It will even suggest how to resolve such conflicts.

Different job types can create automatic and entirely random quality inspections based on the percentage set by managers.  Team leaders receive jobs to inspect completed work and grade it.  Any jobs found to require rework can be automatically rescheduled.

Collective also allows creation of “emergency schedules” so you can respond to unplanned events with the minimum fuss.  Sudden snow fall?  No problem –Collective can quickly implement your action plan and keep your teams moving.

Nothing is forgotten with Collective.  Any incomplete work is carried forward to a special interventions area where it can be either cancelled or re-scheduled with the minimum fuss.  Fully automatic reporting sends daily status reports to managers.

Reactive Work

Even unplanned and reactive work can be efficient and well managed. Collective takes reports from your CRM system, directly from customer-facing websites or from officers in the field with smartphones and mobile computers. Collective’s comprehensive toolset ensures you can deal with them in the most effective way and meet the appropriate service levels.

Collective displays all reactive work on a detailed map, along with the current locations of your crews and their workload. Can a local parks team deal with a minor flytipping incident? If so the job can be immediately assigned to them and their mobile device advises them of the new assignment.

High priority or specialist work (for example tree maintenance) is automatically routed to the appropriate team and prioritised according to the service level. A fallen tree blocking the highway or a tree suspected to be unstable immediately takes priority over other work. Collective monitors service level agreements and sends emails or SMS messages whenever a job is in jeopardy or in breach of SLA.

Collective’s mobile working tools include photo capture of incidents ‘before and after’, a detailed map of the location and job-specific data capture for FlyCapture, NI 195 and other compliance reports.

The “find and fix” function allows crews to report graffiti, fly tips and other incidents even if they are going to resolve them immediately, ensuring that management data is accurate and comprehensive.

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