The waste industry is working hard to improve the safety of collections and processing. With a large workforce operating in all weathers, in dense urban traffic and in remote rural locations it's a considerable challenge to encourage and monitor safe working practices.

Risk Management

SafeActive is a central point for all information about risks and hazards on your collection routes. Whether it is a school to be avoided at rush hour, a rough-sleeping hotspot or a long reverse manoeuvre, SafeActive holds everything you need to know in one secure and accessible database.

With SafeActive you can define precise geographical descriptions of risks or have them automatically generated by crews or from address and GIS data. The system holds all relevant parties to the risk and the mitigating actions that need to be taken by crews.


It is said that "knowledge is power", but with SafeActive knowledge is safety. Regardless of whether they use in-cab computers, mobile devices or paper worksheets your crews will always have the latest information about the risks they face and the control measures they should adopt.

From road hazards to rough sleepers, complex reverse manoeuvres to vulnerable school children, SafeActive helps to protect your crews and the communities they work in.


Effective safety requires constant monitoring and supervision to ensure policies and processes are being carried out. SafeActive constantly monitors key vehicle parameters such as speed, location, engine management and ancillary systems to detect problems and flags specific concerns to supervisors.

SafeActive can detect a variety of potentially unsafe conditions, including unplanned reversing, unsafe bin loading, vehicle over-loading and excess speed. Supervisory staff can then investigate further and record any non-compliance found and resulting actions.

SafeActive not only works with you to improve safety, it measures that improvement over time. Month on month can you can monitor key safety parameters and identify trends and issues objectively.

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