Litter and Dog Bins

Litter and Dog Bins

Litter and dog bins play an important role in keeping public areas safe and clean. Meeting public demand on limited budgets can be very challenging.

Collective makes your public bin service transparent so you and your residents know where the bins are, when they are emptied and how well used they are.

Key Features

  • Accurately collects and plots the exact type and location of all your public bins.
  • Create regular and seasonal schedules for emptying and maintenance.
  • Monitor crew progress in real time.
  • Record how full the bin was and any damage to the bin or surrounding area on mobile app.
  • Share collection activity and take service requests online through your website.
  • Optimise work schedules based on routing, bin utilisation and customer feedback.
  • Relocate under-used bins and make evidence-based decisions on new provision.
Litter and Dog Bins

Product Benefits

  • Increase satisfaction by ensuring bins are in the right places, and be able to prove it.
  • Provide a better service without increasing costs.
  • Productivity increases due to improved management tools and optimised routes.
  • Proves bins were emptied and can share data online in real-time.
  • Service scales with seasonal changes in demand and special events.
  • Online services deal with complaints quickly and without paper, reducing costs and increasing satisfaction.

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