Advice For Helpdesk Users

Please be aware that

  1. User names and passwords should never be sent or stored in Zendesk public comments
  2. Commercially-sensitive or personally-identifiable data of any type should not be attached to helpdesk tickets. Our helpdesk staff will make arrangements for secure FTP or other means where necessary.
  3. Our helpdesk is a managed service and all content may be reviewed by appropriate staff in our organisation and in yours. The tickets you raise may be visible to other users from your organisation.


Our Helpdesk works to agreed service levels, applying different response and resolution targets to tickets based on their severity. Our standard response times are shown below i



Target Response Time

Target Resolution Time


Issues where all users cannot access Collective or experience reduced functionality, causing substantial detriment to their work and for which an acceptable workaround is not available.

1 hour

2 hours ii


Issues where a major function of Collective is unavailable causing substantial detriment to their job function and for which an acceptable workaround is not available.

2 hours

8 hours


Issues where multiple users cannot access Collective or where Collective is usable but with errors occurring.
A workaround is available but the issue requires addressing.

4 hours

7 days


Incidents where only individual users are affected or issues have little or no impact on business operations

4 hours

14 days


Issues such as Change Requests, configuration changes, chargeable work, training requests and minor cosmetic faults

8 hours

Subject to agreement

Response Time

Time taken from logging a call with the Bartec Helpdesk until a Bartec Technical resource confirms receipt and resolution ownership to the Licensee.

Resolution Time

Time taken from confirmation of helpdesk receipt from Bartec Technical resource until successful implementation of a solution to the reported problem, or delivery to the Licensee of a solution where access to the system is delayed at request of the Licensee.

Where a problem is of such magnitude that a complete restore of the system or transfer to a secondary data centre is required to resolve the problem (such as an irreparable file corruption, catastrophic server failure or similar) then a ‘resolution time’ clock is stopped at the point that the system restore commences.

i different service levels may have been agreed with your organisation
ii continuous efforts will be made to resolve the issue or move to Disaster Recovery plan

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